About Us

About the two of us

Greeny and Tannage met back in 2000 at a Wing Chun school when both were young(ish) men who thought they knew a bit about martial arts. Training buddies for many years now, they have often described their training relationship as a second marriage and Annie (Tannage’s wife) has on one occasion been introduced by Greeny as “My second wife’s husband”. The culmination of the years of discussion, debate and hard practise is Taijipedia, this site that aims to bring you all the healthy goodies the art as to offer, bring new perspectives and somewhere in there make the whole epxerience a lot of fun.

TannageMark Tan aka Tannage is a small Chinese man with back problems.

A strange little man by all accounts, he met his wife in World of Warcraft, and has often been seen nursing his thumbs after too many hours on the console (that’s of course when he’s not practising). He’s also a fan of most trilogies, although his wife claims that’s only as far as he can count.

He got into Taiji because bad backs run in his family. By 21 he’d been suffering from bad stabbing pains and was terrified of having to spend his middle age losing both his hair and his mobility. Nowadays after many years of training, his back is ok and no longer complains.

Greeny and Grandmaster J

Mark Green aka Greeny is a large Tobagonian Scot with a penchant for beer.

Arguably the world’s first eclectic combination of Taiji teacher and beer philosopher. Simplicity is the watchward of both his Taiji and his philosophy, with the caveat that one should never get between a Scotsman and his beer. Legend has it he is faster with chopsticks than a fat panda when the Dim Sum arrives.

Greeny started Taiji because of a very serious knee injury he sustained some years ago, so serious that surgery and knee replacements were recommended by the top surgeons in London. As stubborn as he was determined, he rejected the surgery and instead practised diligently to heal it. These days the knee is fine, as Tannage can testify when it kicks his butt during sparring.

The little man on the right of the photo is Grandmaster J, Greeny’s son, master of the rake form and the scourge of all Walker’s Salt & Vinegar crisps.  Do not get in the way of the crispage or he will defeat you with his loose heavy power!