The Relativity of Structure

One of the injustices of training structure is that it’s all relative, and you can only measure your structure either relative to other people, or relative to what it used to be like.

As you make changes to your structure there will be a period of time where you’re aware of it, and once it becomes habit (or skill) you will cease to be aware of it. Nevertheless your structure has improved by that little bit.

So if your body feels the same as it did three months ago, how can you be sure your structure has improved?

The answer is pushing hands, you’ll notice that you’ll be less easily moved by people, your movement will have a bit more discipline to it. Chances are your training partners will remark to you that something has changed.

So, if things don’t feel like they’re any different, take heart. If you’ve been training diligently, they will be different. Go do some pushing hands and find out how different.

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