Standing Meditation #2 – Things You Might Experience

If you’ve started doing some standing meditation as part of your taijiquan practise, you might be finding that there are some interesting, and possibly alarming things happening to you.  Hot and cold flushes, shaking, all manner of weird things can happen.

We’re here to tell you that, weird though they may be, they’re all completely normal.  It’s just stuff the body does to deal with tension and it’s all part of the process of relaxation and more importantly, healing, both things that we’re trying to get out of our taijiquan practise.

One of the things that standing meditation gives your body is a chance to be itself.  We’re always telling the body to do this or that, be this or that.  When you just stand and be still, the body gets a chance to do its own thing, and, like one of those stressed out personal assistants, starts to get down to all the things that it should be doing, like healing that bad back that it’s not had a chance to do in years, let more blood circulate in those aching shoulders.

The thing is, we’re not typically used to feeling our body do this, mainly because when it is trying to do it, we’re probably doing something else like watching TV or playing World of Warcraft.  So, when it starts happening and our attention has nowhere else to go, it feels really, really weird.

But it’s totally normal.

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