Yang Taiji 24 – The Opening of Taijiquan

Back to basics! Here’s the first in our series of videos on the Yang Taiji 24. We’ve kept it short so you can watch it easily again and again.

The opening of  Taijiquan is a movement that you should use to centre and ground yourself, the slight sinking of the knees and the gentle rise and fall as the hands go up and down are there to help you slip into a flow state that is so important in Taijiquan practise.  You can also use this movement as a qigong (They call it “threading the nine pearls”) exercise and a very effective one it is too.

The emphasis of this Taijiquan posture is not the movement, but the state that you are in when you do the movement.  This the emphasis of this Yang Taiji 24 opener is not what is going on outside yourself, but what is internal.

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