Yang Taiji 24 – Transition From White Crane to Brush Knee Twist Step

OK, the first slightly tricky bit in the Taijiquan form.  This next lesson on the Yang Taiji 24 is structured as a  “Watch Me, Follow Me, Show Me” lesson as two separate videos, as we promised in the TWBI post.

In the spirit of keeping this as simple as possible, we’ve left the footwork detail to the next lesson so we don’t pack too much information into one lesson.  If  this is all new to you, or even if it’s not try out the learning technique on this Taijiquan posture.

The Watch Me Bit

The Follow Me Bit

The Show Me Bit

For this bit, you can practise quietly by yourself or if you feel adventurous, film yourself and send us a clip.  We’d love to see how you’re getting on.

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