Yang Taiji 24 – White Crane Spreads Wings

A special Taijiquan bonus for you today, two videos!  The next posture in the Yang Taiji 24 is the rather fancily named White Crane Spreads Wings.  The first video above is a summary of how to do the posture.  If you’re learning the Taijiquan form from these videos, then I’d watch that video several times and visualise yourself doing the movement.

Once you’ve done that, follow along to the movement as you see it done on screen.  Do this a few times and when you’re reasonably confident, then go ahead and try to do this on your own without any help from the Taijiquan video.

Over the years we still use this method in our own training whether it’s picking stuff up from our teacher, a workshop or a video (Yes we have learnt some very cool things from videos too!).  We’d watch it, follow it and then do it.

When you’ve done that – you’re ready for the details!

This next video in the Yang Taiji 24 is all about the details of the posture, these are the things that are going to flesh out your movement and are the nuts and bolts of how it make it feel good when you do it.

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