Yang Taiji 24 – Part The Wild Horses Mane – Footwork Detail

For your next bit of Taijiquan instruction, here are the details of the footwork on Part The Wild Horse’s Mane (posture 2). The reason why we used Greeny for this is because his size 12 flippers would make it easier to see how the feet are placed. The lines on the floorboards help you see how the feet are placed relative to each other. This detail is important as it really makes the balance of the posture work, as well as making sure you don’t put any twisting strain on the knees, which is common for this Taijiquan posture.

If you can, find a place where there are straight lines on the floor so you can practise the Taijiquan walk.  It’ll really help with getting the details on this posture together.

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