Purpose – Begin With the End in Mind

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I’m shamelessly ripping off Stephen Covey. This week’s big idea is “Purpose”. Taiji training has to have an aim, a goal, a point to the training. Before you start, you should have an idea what you’d like to achieve, you should decide on your purpose.

Purpose focuses your training. It’s your own personal Taiji google

Purpose will focus you in a way that “just doing the training” cannot. In fact, it’s like your personal Taiji-sphere Google search term. If you’re interested in healing a back, then that intention will naturally lead you to filter out any information relevant to healing, exactly like Google brings back the most relevant information to your search term.

Imagine what it’d be like if you were searching for “blue widgets” but had to wade through all the information on the web. Given enough time you’ll find it, and you’ll also learn a lot of other cool stuff in the meantime. Howevever if all you wanted to do is heal your back, that’s a lot of time sifting through material that’s not helping you achieve your purpose.

Purpose applies at all levels of training.

Your high level purpose for training Taiji might be healing a damaged back, or improving your health, or it might even be curiosity. You’ve probably already got one of these if you’re training.

You can also drill down to a finer level, and get more specific, to a purpose of training a movement, a posture, or an awareness of a certain feeling within the body.

You can make it finer still, by making your purpose to train a specific skill, such as body connection, relaxation, or specifically train a limb or joint so that it is strong enough to let you do the form comfortably.

There’s also a ripple effect, your finer detailed purposes will all naturally lean towards helping you achieve your high-level purpose. The filter will apply at all levels of your training, making you focus on the information that will get you the results you want.

With a purpose you know that everything you train will be helping you achieve it.

It’s a way to ensure that you make progress as quickly as you can towards your goal and the easiest way to get one is to start your Taiji training knowing what you want to achieve in mind.

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