Taiji For Back Pain – Reprogram Your Back To Fix It!

This is something of a shameless plug, I do Taiji for back pain. That’s the main reason why I do it, and why I’ll carry on practising. Not having to live stabbing pains and terrible stiffness in my lumbar region is all I do Taiji for. Back pain is an affliction of modern times. If you’ve not suffered from back pain, you’ll probably know someone who has.

So, in this video post we cover the most common causes of back pain, why poor posture causes problems and say why it happens, but more importantly how the simple act of relaxation and the retraining of your back muscles into good habits can fix it. You can use almost any method to get your back to relax, lying on a wooden floor, going to a bodywork professional or chiropractor. We’re Taiji people so we recommend doing Taiji for back pain.

Now, the easiest thing to do is to just do Standing Meditation. Standing practise is very easy to do, but ruthlessly effective at getting you and your back to relax. You can find the first lesson on Standing Meditation here.  Standing is very effective at getting your back to start relaxing.  It’s what I started doing to fix my back as it’ll start the process of making your body aware of the misalignments and start re-training your back to hold itself correctly.

Or you could learn the Yang Taiji 24 Form.  It’s a dinky little form that ‘s easy to learn.  This will gently flex and stretch your back and stop it from stiffening up again, so it’s a good “maintenance” thing to do.  Tai Chi instruction on the form can be found here

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