Taiji For Back Pain – How Taiji Form Heals It

The second in our videos on Taiji for back pain. The Yang Taiji 24 form’s a good form for helping your back heal, it’s not too demanding on the body and is simple enough to learn quickly. The gentle movements and flexing and stretching is very good for your back as it will loosen up your back and allow bits of it to move.

Another benefit of getting yourself to relax is the fact that relaxation allows the circulation of blood in the previously tense areas of your back to improve. More blood going through it means more healing as blood brings with it lots of good stuff that the back needs, and takes away all the bad stuff that might have been sitting there waiting to be cleared.

The link to connecting to centre can be found here.
And here’s the first in our lessons on the Yang Taiji 24 Form.

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