Chen Xiao Wang – Chen Taijiquan 38 Form

Chen Xiao Wang is an.. um.. Chen style Taiji Master.  This display is rather recent, either 2007 or 2008 I think.

The date at which it was taken doesn’t matter, nor does the slightly jittery camera work.  Master Chen’s movements are focused, solid and powerful, he has that “flavour” of the movement and his fa jing is superb.

What I took away from watching this is that although his core does not appear to be moving that much, it must be to be able to produce movement like that and fa jing that explosive. You’ll never look like that just waving your arms without your body being involved.  So this means that what might feel like big movements of the body, can look like they’re very small or nonexistent.

The other thing to note is that his movement is so great because he has mastered the art of making his body movement small.  His centre is clearly moving, to power the form, but you can only see its manifestation clearly in the hands and feet, you’ll have to look very closely to see how he’s moving his core.

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