Fu Zhongwen’s Fajin

One speculation as to why Fajin was not emphasised in the modern syllabus of Taijiquan is because elderly people may find it more difficult to do. Well here’s a counterexample. Fu Zhongwen, Yang Chengfu’s student doing Fajin at the ripe old age of whatever he’s at when this was shot.

Notice how springy his arms and body are. This Fajin may not be for martial purposes, but you can see that it’s keeping him supple and limber despite his age. Taijipedia believes that you need to have some fast and hard movement to balance the soft forms that are practised so often, and practising Fajin softly like in this video is certainly the way forward.

Fajin doesn’t always have to be the big issuance of energy to destroy everything in your path. Fu Zhongwen clearly isn’t out to kill anyone with what he’s demonstrating here, although I’m pretty sure that it’d hurt if he went for you. It’s very clear how the power is manifesting in his hands, and the core is moving, even though you may not be able to see it easily because of his clothing and, er… chi belly.

The great thing about this clip is that anyone can take a look at it and start to practise Fajin by themselves. My advice is not to do too much of it, don’t exhaust yourselves. Practise maybe 5-10 minutes of it if you’re new to it. Increase the time as part of you Taijiquan practise as you get better at it. The key to good Fajin is relaxation, you have to be relaxed enough for the power to flow.

The other key is being gentle. There is no need to go hell for leather if you’re doing this for health. Gently, softly, easily is what you should be aiming for.

My last bit of advice is that it feels a bit like a sneeze. It’s a sudden shake of the body that produces a wave into the hands.

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