The Taijipedia Mission

We aim to bring all the health and healing goodies that Taiji has to offer to all of you out there without the ancient mysticism about old fairies weaving rugs or grabbing birds by their tails. You have a 100% guarantee that we will NOT wax unintelligible about needles at the ocean floor, repulsive monkeys or roosters standing on one leg (Of course he’s standing on one leg! He’s crossing the road!).

Taiji is beautifully simple, and extremely effective at beefing up your health and healing old injuries. You just have to get off your ass and do it, and that’s what we’re about. Our mission is to help all of our fans just get going, keep going and get some tangible benefits to their health and quality of life.

Even if you don’t have a teacher, or only know a little bit we hope to inspire you to keep going with your practise.

The truth is, the movements do not matter. These days we have Yang, Wu, Chen, Sun, Hao and a gazillion other styles. All the forms are different, wildly different, and yet all of these people are getting great health benefits and healing from their movement and practise. It’s the way you move that’s important.

At Taijipedia we embrace the way of moving and we welcome anyone from any style, or any teacher here. Taiji is for everyone, and we welcome everyone here (yeah, even that repulsive monkey).